Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form curriculum

We offer an academic programme of A Level study where the emphasis will be on high academic attainment, independent study and preparation for exam success.

Subject choices offered will be those which facilitate entry into Universities, including the top ‘Russell Group’ universities, or to higher education institutions, or other employment organisations. All subject choices offer routes and courses that lead to a meaningful alternative career path, opening a wider range of higher education and career options to our leavers.

The Russell Group of universities has identified two lists of subjects which are the most frequently required for entry to degree courses. They recommend that at least two subjects are selected for A Level study from the list of ‘facilitating subjects’ shown opposite. However, students are welcome to choose combinations from both facilitating and complementary lists.

Academic study will be balanced with enrichment activities which are designed to extend and broaden the A Level programme. These activities will be delivered through our Inspire Programme, where four hours of the school week will be dedicated to a broad range of competitive sports as well as music, drama and voluntary work and preparation for UCAS University entry and career development. It is also hoped that students will have the opportunity of being able to take additional assessed qualifications as part of enrichment and subject choices.

A typical A Level class will be fourteen students in size, allowing time for one-to-one tutor attention for all students, across every subject. All students will be expected to complete the two-year linear A Level course. In most cases, students will study four subjects in Year 12 and three subjects in Year 13 and this will be discussed with the students on application at the end of Year 12, to ensure the best choices are made.  Please click on the subject links below for course detail:

Facilitating subjects

Complementary subjects

*Further Mathematics may only be taken alongside Mathematics as a fourth subject.

The choice of subjects made available may vary depending on demand and timetabling constraints. If demand is high enough, we will explore the possibility of offering more subject choices.