Equestrian Success in Portugal

We are so proud that one of our Year 10 students, Mia, was selected as part of the Great Britain Working Equitation Team in the European Championships.  She was part of a team of 3 and they had a fantastic result! 2nd place in Europe! 1st in one section beating the unbeaten Portuguese in the cattle phase! Our national anthem was played and flag raised for the first time in history at a senior or junior championship! Mia did exceptionally well in the dressage 4th ! Only Portugal in front of her. She also did the same in the Ease of Handling round. 

Mia achieved 6th place ranking in Europe so a huge well done to her.  What an achievement.

M Simon 3
M Simon 2
M Simon 5
M Simon
M Simon 4
Huge congratulations @Noviun and to our client @Chi_Free_School. This recognition is so very well deserved. https://t.co/7faSBBmYLy
@BuzzwordCreativ @Noviun Thank you guys @BuzzwordCreativ. We're all super proud!
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