Travel Plan


We’ve arranged our school day to ensure that traffic flow to our new premises meets the required standards. For the benefit of the Montessori school, we had to ensure that we avoided drop off between 8.45am – 9.15pm and that we avoided pick-up between 3.45pm – 4.15pm.

The table below shows the start and finish times from Monday until Thursday. Please note that on Fridays the school day will finish at the ‘end of lessons’ time for primary and at 4.00pm for secondary.

Please note that if siblings have differing start and finish times, we are very happy to offer free care to ensure that children from the same family can be dropped off and picked up at the same time. Parents will be able to drop off pupils at any time after 7.30am with no charge.

Year Start time End of lessons/prep Clubs Finish No Clubs Finish
Reception 8:40am 3:30pm  no clubs 3:30pm
Years 1 – 6 8:30am 3:40pm  4.25pm 3:40pm
Years 7 – 11 8:20am 4:30pm  4.30pm 4:00pm on Fridays

Car sharing

As part of our commitment to minimise the flow of traffic to and from our new school site in Vinnetrow Road, we are running a car share scheme. The scheme works through the School Car Share website where parents can sign up and find other families close to them who they can contact to arrange a car share with. To ensure the continued success of the school on this temporary site, it is essential that as many parents and staff as possible share their journeys.

We have made provision before and after school for children who car share with others who start and finish at different times. There will also be storage facilities for car seats and booster chairs if necessary.

Any parent with Primary and Secondary students in their car, must obtain a CFS Car Share Permit from the School Office before the start of term in September. Before a permit is issued, parents need to indicate the names of the children in their car share and which year groups they are in come September. There will be changes made to the onsite traffic circulation, parking and drop off and pick up points and again, this information will follow shortly. The car share website, FAXI, is still open and all new parents’ email addresses have been entered onto the site in order for any new parents to register. If registering is unsuccessful please check that the school has the same email address you are using for registration by contacting the school office. A link to the FAXI website can be found here:

We invite parents to register on the website now to make arrangements.  You will only be able to register by using the email address that the school holds for you. If you are having trouble registering, please email or call us on 01243 792690.


The school also offers 4 minibuses and now also 5 additional 53 seater coaches to do the home to school transport. Due to this service being subsidised by the DFE, all transport (including minibuses) will cost £1 per day per child regardless of the journey and will be payable half termly in advance via Tucasi.

For new pupils of the school, parents will be emailed their Tucasi set-up codes over the summer holiday.

In September 2016 all secondary students will be required to use this transport unless car sharing morning and afternoon. Should all coach/bus places not be taken up by secondary students, pupils from Year 5 & 6 may be considered.  All Primary (with the exception of Reception parents) must continue to car share with Reception parents being the only cars that will be allowed on site with only 1 child in the car.