• Say cheese... cake

    Say cheese... cake

    Our Year 5 students have been busy this week; their Food Tech lessons have centred around making cheesecake. It was an activity in which they were thoroughly immersed and it produced some very tasty results. We look forward to sampling their future culinary successes.

  • CFS excellence at HMS Excellent!

    CFS excellence at HMS Excellent!

    Congratulations to Charles, Isaac and both Olivers, who claimed a stunning second place in the first Greenpower race of the season. Twenty-one teams competed in the thrilling drag race which was hosted at HMS Excellence in Portsmouth. We look forward to supporting our team throughout, what looks to be, a highly successful racing season.

  • Fantastic beasts and how to make them

    Fantastic beasts and how to make them

    As part of Primary Science Day, our infant and junior school pupils developed models of beasts using 'junk' materials. We'll be holding a competition to judge which of the beasts are the best, but as ever, it is the taking part which counts and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

  • The CFS Leadership Academy

    The CFS Leadership Academy

    The CFS Leadership Academy hosted their first Primary Sports Festival to great success, with 40 of our Year 2 students attending. The 24 sports leaders independently planned and executed a range of well thought out sessions based around playground games such as Stuck in the Mud and What's the Time Mr. Wolf...

  • Welcome to Justice term

    Welcome to Justice term

    This term is Justice term at CFS. Assemblies and class discussions will focus around the definition of Justice - how do we determine as a society what is fair and what isn't? How does Justice extend itself within our school community as well as within the community at large? The whole school from infants through to seniors will debate and share their ideas about Justice throughout this term.

  • Ofsted judges us a 'Good' school

    We're delighted that Ofsted judged us to be a 'Good' school, in only our second year of operation. The Inspector's Report focused on the strong and positive ethos which permeates every aspect of our school.

    Ofsted judges us a 'Good' school
  • Our Vinnetrow Road site

    The new school buildings on our Vinnetrow Road site house our science lab, art studio, Food Tech and DT areas as well as light, airy new classrooms. Once inside, it's difficult to believe that these are only a temporary buildings.

    Our Vinnetrow Road site
  • Pitchero will keep you up-to-date

    The results from our inter-House matches as well as those with other local schools are regularly posted Pitchero. We also post details of our Fun Runs, Tug-of-Wars and other sporting events relevant to our community.

    Pitchero will keep you up-to-date