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  • The Primary QuadKids Athletics Competition

    The Primary QuadKids Athletics Competition

    19 June 2017

    We recently took part in the Primary QuadKids Athletics Competition, which was held at the Regis School in Bognor. With plenty of sunshine and the spectators enjoying picnics, it was a truly wonderful event in which to take part. Our team came 6th overall, with outstanding performances from Tom Pulley in the 400m and Tamsin Denbury-Hide in the long jump.

  • Take a look at our Carmelite Convent video

    Take a look at our Carmelite Convent video

    12 May 2017

    Our new school campus, at the Carmelite Convent is coming along extremely well. We’ve produced a video so that everyone can see how well the site is developing. We aim to produce footage throughout the project build, which will enable everyone to share in the excitement of watching our stunning new school campus emerge. You can view the footage here.

  • Testing times

    Testing times

    3 May 2017

    With their GCSEs now complete, we keep our fingers crossed for our Year 11 students in the hope that their results will meet their expectations. We wish our leavers every success in their future pursuits and look forward to many of the year group returning to CFS for Years 12 and 13.

  • At CFS, this term is Courage Term

    At CFS, this term is Courage Term

    24 April 2017

    We welcome everyone back for an exciting Courage Term, after what we hope was a very relaxing and invigorating Easter break. The focus this term will be on taking the courage to do the right thing, even when this might be difficult.

    There are some events which will require considerable courage – our Year 11’s taking their GCSEs, for example. But it takes courage also to do the small things which count; being polite, holding open a door for someone else, taking the trouble to ask if someone else is feeling ok. We will ask everyone to show more courage this term.

    One of the ways which children might want to think about this is to challenge themselves to go one minute further. Can they write for one minute more in class, perhaps to check and improve their work? Can they spend just one minute more on their homework than they think they need to, so it is even better and more thoughtful? Can they push their effort for one minute more on the field in Games or PE? Can they be a friend for one minute more, to build bridges rather than walk away? All of this takes courage, for courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes courage is the small voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.

  • The CFS 'Fitness is Fun' festival

    The CFS ‘Fitness is Fun’ festival

    4 April 2017

    On Friday 31st March, the Chichester Free School Leadership Academy hosted their second successful Primary sports festival with great success. The festival was  called “fitness is fun” and was designed to raise the heart rate of the young participants that attended.  Forty Year 3 students attended the event which took place down at North Mundham fields in the glorious March sunshine. The fourteen sports leaders involved independently planned and executed a range of well thought out sessions including running, ingenious fitness games and lots of healthy competition!

    The selected students of the CFS Leadership Academy have had another successful half term developing their ability to create sessions that encourage healthy lifestyles and adapt their sessions to suit the needs of the participants they coach. We look forward to their next Primary festival designed for Year 4 after Easter!