Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is clear and simple, yet vital to the success of both your child and the school.

Nurture, Challenge, Inspire

Where your child will be known and where there will be a strong sense of partnership between child, home, school and community.

Where the curriculum and extended day programme will stimulate and challenge your child, encouraging a passion for learning.

Where we will create confident, happy, creative and articulate young people, who will emerge with a clear vision for their future.

Our ethos

Our ethos follows the four cardinal virtues which have their origins in Greek philosophy. Chichester Free School will provide your child with the foundations for life by providing essential personal skills alongside a broad education. We believe that understanding and following these virtues will help your child go on to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Temperance – self-control and independence
An exciting range of extended day activities to nurture independence and self-control, inspire pride and develop leadership and inter-personal skills. Our pupils will contribute fully to the life of the school, both in the classroom and beyond, with high standards of behaviour at all times.

Wisdom – knowledge and understanding
The curriculum will have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and creativity throughout all the subjects and a ‘stretch and support’ provision will be in place to help all pupils fulfil their potential. We will recruit and train the very best team of staff who will be committed to delivering exceptional quality education.

Justice – fair and moral rightness
Our house system will nurture all pupils as individuals and keep them safe within a positive, caring, fair and supportive environment. Pupils will be given opportunities to develop as responsible, moral, respectful citizens and active members of their local community.

Courage – confidence and intrepidity
We will build each pupil’s self-confidence and self-esteem throughout their life at the school. We will provide a wide range of sporting activities which will cater for differing interests and abilities which will promote healthy competition. Older pupils will be prepared for life after school, with the skills and fortitude to face the future.

We will encourage healthy competition as well as teamwork, good manners and interpersonal relationships, to develop our citizens of the future.

Our promise to you

We will:

  • provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum to help your child achieve their full potential;
  • offer an exciting range of sport, creativity and extended day activities;
  • encourage full participation in all aspects of school life of and expects high standards of behaviour;
  • develop a strong partnership with parents to help achieve and maintain high standards;
  • provide a house system which will nurture all pupils as individuals within a supportive environment;
  • have inspiring staff who will deliver exciting and exceptionally high quality education; and
  • give your child the tools to become a responsible citizen and participating member of the community.