Unless stated otherwise, staff email addresses are the first name initial followed by surname then @chichesterfreeschool.org.uk  e.g. [email protected]. However, please refer to the "Who Should I Contact If" to ensure that your email is responded to in the most effective manner. In most cases your email should be sent to the School Office, class teacher in Primary or tutor in Secondary.

Please note that the school policy is that your email will be responded to within 2 working days. This does not include weekends, evenings or school holidays.

You can see the full SLT structure including their responsibilities here.

Senior Leadership

* Executive Principal - Louise New ([email protected])
* Head of Primary, Primary Behaviour & Standards - James Garner
Head of Secondary, Secondary Teaching & Learning - Ben Phillips
* School Business Manager - Gayle Austin-Hogg
* Vice Principal: Inclusion - Cathryn Halton
* Deputy Head of Secondary, Secondary Behaviour & Standards - Lee Hardwick
Assistant Head (Primary), Primary SENDCo Alexa Angell
* Assistant Head (Primary), Primary Pupil Progress Georgia Hayes
* Assistant Head (Primary), Primary Teaching & Learning Claire Tunnicliffe
Assistant Head (Secondary), All Through Personal Development Rob Angell
Assistant Head (Secondary), Secondary Pupil Progress Nick Elliman
Assistant Head (Secondary) SENDCo - Phil Fowler

Designated Safeguarding Team

* Strategic Lead - Cathryn Halton
* Designated Safeguarding Lead Primary - Cathryn Halton
* Designated Safeguarding Lead Secondary - Alanya Russell
* Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Primary- Alexa Angell and Fiona Dabinett
* Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Secondary - Lee Hardwick and Alison Turnbull

Subject Middle Leaders

* Primary Mathematics Lead - Becky Wilson
* Early Reading and Phonics Lead - Richard Cook
* Primary English Lead - Joe Wilson
* Head of English - Lynda Elmes
* Head of Mathematics - Arthur Blandford-Davies
    2ic Maths - Martyn Tilling
* Head of Science - Sam Comins
    2ic Science - Katia Muriel
* Head of Modern Foreign Languages - Rachel Crebbin
* Head of Humanities - Jess Bentley:
    Subject Lead Geography - Nick Elliman
    Subject Lead Religious Studies - Gemma Clark
* Head of Physical Education - George Dean
* Head of DT and Art - Richard Corser
* Subject Lead Dance - Hannah Tulley (on maternity leave)
* Subject Lead Drama - Neil Gregory-Reader
* Subject Lead Music - Hayley Davis
* Subject Lead Computer Science - Emma Seal
* Subject Lead Business Studies - Matt Ray
* Subject Lead Media Studies - Clare Edmans

Special Educational Needs

* Strategy Lead - Cathryn Halton
* Primary SENDco - Alexa Angell
* Secondary SENDco - Phil Fowler
* Primary HLTA - Kari McCarthy
* Reading and Literacy Champion - Claire Bourner
* ELSA - Fiona Dabinett
* Therapeutic Interventions Officer - Amanda Bashford
Access Arrangements Officer - Marian Baker

House Champions

* Head House and Charity Champion - Tanya Pye
* House Competition Champion - George Dean
* House Community Champion - Claire Emmett

Pastoral Team

* Primary Pastoral Officer - Hannah Prior
* Head of Eagle Point - Ben Carter
* Head of Tree House - Victoria Wade
* Head of Year 7 - Rochelle Oxley
         * Assistant Head of Year 7 - Louise Ireland
* Head of Year 8 - Rachel Crebbin (Beth Godfrey on Maternity leave)
* Head of Year 9 - Martyn Tilling
         * Assistant Head of Year 8 & 9 - Laura Ashcroft
* Head of Year 10 - Alison Turnbull
* Head of Year 11 - Nick Elliman
         * Assistant Head of Year 11 - Alison Turnbull
* Attendance and Family Liaison Manager - Robyn Wickenden
* Behaviour Manager - Karen Scriven
* Emotional Health and Wellbeing Lead - Cathryn Halton and Abby Hermans
* Lead Tutor - Rachel Crebbin

Admin and Site Team

* Cleaning team - Lucrecia Conceicao, Kim Goddard, Weronika Prsybylska, Katarzyna Smolorz, Grazyna Winiarczyk and Edward Winiarczyk
* Data Analysis and Systems Lead - Chris New
* Futures and Lettings Manager – Sue Moon
* Finance Manager – Caitriona McDermott
* HR and Staff Absence Officer - Jenny Uffindell
* ICT Technician - Sam Cush
* Marketing and Admissions Manager – Karie Wright
* Medical Officer – Natalie Lloyd
* Minibus Driver and Crossing Patrol – Roy Munro
* Network Manager – TBC
* PA to the Executive Principal, Compliance and Governance – Lauren Wilson ([email protected])
* Receptionists – Natalie Gibson & Anita Lee-Hobson ([email protected])
* Recruitment Manager - Nikki Stubbington
* Reprographics Officer and Admin Support - Jackie Allen
* Sims and Exams Manager – David Collins
* Site Manager – Tony Del Greco
* Site Team – Ian Bradford, Mark Butcher and Jason Chatfield
* SSI – Tim Hicks

Other Projects and Responsibilities

* Arts Mark – Andrew Lean
* CCF Contingent Commander - Richard Cook
* Cover Manager - Steven Paul
* Cover Supervisors - Katrina Cunningham, Charlotte Fox, Claire Henderson, Abby Hermans and Marita Lietz
* Culture of Kindness/Anti Bullying – Jo Hicks
* Data Protection Officer - Louise New
* Duke of Edinburgh - Richard Cook
* ECT mentors  Jess Bentley, Illeana Melendez Ruiz, Katia Muriel and Sophie Potts
* EVC – Rob Angell
* Fundraising - Claire Emmett and Tanya Pye
* ITT Professional Tutor - Lauren Stapleton and Rachel Crebbin
* MidYIS, Reading and Spelling Tests - Marian Baker
* Pupil Leadership - Rochelle Oxley
* Secondary Tutor Programmer - Ben Carter
* STEM Coordinator – Katia Muriel
* Year 7 Curriculum Development - Leah Higgins

All-Through Learning Support Assistants

Trudie Alford
Samantha Barton
Amanda Bashford
Evelina Campbell
Sara Cooper 
Chloe Coppin
Antoinette Curry
Deonie De Witt
Tonia Edwards
Christine Evans
Stella Gibson
Sam Glover
Jasmine Hanson
Joelle Hentze
Julie Iredale
Sarah Johnson
Bernie Kensit
Kate Lewis
Paige Smith
Shelia Stanbridge
Kathryn Stringer
Karen Sword
Kelly Tomsett
Carole Tully

Primary Class Teachers

* Reception - Apple Class - Claire Emmett
* Reception - Cherry Class - Jo Golby (Hannah Smith on maternity leave)

* Year 1 - Oak Class - Clare Rowlands
* Year 1 - Beech Class - Kate Lewis

* Year 2 - Cedar Class - Francesca Bhutta/Katrina Cunningham
* Year 2 - Chestnut Class - Richard Cook

* Year 3 - Elm Class - Sammie Grace
* Year 3 - Willow Class - Georgia Beadle

* Year 4 - Sycamore Class - Daniel White
* Year 4 - Rowan Class - Joe Wilson

* Year 5 - Hazel Class - Lucy Potts
* Year 5 - Birch Class - Megan Priestley

* Year 6 - Ash Class - Lauren Stapleton
* Year 6 - Maple Class - Becky Wilson

Secondary Tutors

Year 7
* Aquila - Emma Seal
* Noctua - Isabelle  Carhart
* Pegasus - Kerry-Lee Haylett
* Phoenix - Adam Newman
* Chimera (mixed House) - George Dean

Year 8
* Aquila - Charlotte Kite
* Noctua - Sophie Potts and Jo Hicks
* Pegasus - Callie Bodington-Howard
* Phoenix - Mat Griffiths

Year 9
* Aquila - Richard Corser
* Noctua - Jess Bentley and Jo Hicks
* Pegasus - Neil Gregory-Reader
* Phoenix - Katia Muriel and Sam Comins

Year 10
* Aquila - Matt Ray and Illeana Melendez-Ruiz
* Noctua - Gemma Clark
* Pegasus - Tanya Pye
* Phoenix - Joel Lodge

Year 11
* English and Maths team

Secondary Subject Teams

Business Studies: Matt Ray and Martyn Tilling
Computing: Emma Seal and Nick Elliman
Dance: Hannah Tulley (maternity leave) and Isabelle Carhart
Drama: Neil Gregory-Reader
DT, Food and Art: Richard Corser, Jo Hicks, Andy Lean, Tanya Pye, Jenny Uffindell (Lead Technician), Samantha Gordon (Technician)
English: Clare Edmans, Lynda Elmes, Neil Gregory-Reader, Brisa Hill, Jenny Russell, Sophy Young
Humanities: Rob Angell, Jess Bentley, Gemma Clark, Nick Elliman, Phil Fowler, Mat Griffiths, Charlotte Kite
Maths: Arthur Blandford Davies, Danny Green, Kerry-Lee Haylett, Joel Lodge, Steven Paul and Martyn Tilling
Media Studies: Clare Edmans
MFL:  Rachel Crebbin, Ileana Melendez Ruiz, Adam Newman,
Music: Hayley Davis
PE: George Dean, Phil Fowler, Rochelle Oxley, Ben Phillps, Sophie Potts, 
Science: Callie Bodington-Howard, Sam Comins, Kerry-Lee Haylett, Joel Lodge, Katia Muriel, Mary Carpenter (Technician), Matt Matthewson (Technician)
Year 7 Maths and English/Middle School: Lizzy Brett, Leah Higgins, Alanya Russell, Claire Tunnicliffe

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