On this page you can find out more about our Staff and their roles.  Contact details are  provided where required, but please refer to the "Who Should I Contact If?" section on the previous page for guidance of who it is best to contact for your particular query.


* Principal - Louise New
* Associate Principal: Head of Primary - Luke Hanna
* Deputy Principal - Ben Phillips
* Business Manager - Gay Grimwood

Senior Leadership

* Senior Assistant Principal: All Through Inclusion - Cathryn Halton
* Senior Assistant Principal: All Through Behaviour & Pastoral - Lee Hardwick
* Assistant Principal: Primary Pupil Progress - Georgia Hayes
* Assistant Principal: Secondary Pupil Progress - Steven Paul

Extended Leadership

* Primary SENDco - Jess Powell
* Secondary SENDco - Phil Fowler
* Head of Sixth Form - Rob Angell

Subject Middle Leaders

* Primary Mathematics Lead - Becky Upton

* Primary English Lead - Parysah Yazdanpanah

* Phonics and Early Reading Lead - Claire Emmett

* Head of English - Lynda Elmes (lelmes@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
    2ic English - tbc

* Head of Mathematics - Arthur Blandford-Davies (ablandford-davies@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
    2ic Maths - Martyn Tilling

* Head of Science - Samantha Comins (scomins@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
    2ic Science - Katia Muriel

* Head of Modern Foreign Languages - Rachel Crebbin (rcrebbin@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Head of Humanities - Jess Bentley (jbentley@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
    Subject Lead Geography - Nick Elliman
    Subject Lead Religious Studies - Gemma Clark

* Head of Physical Education - Steve Day (sday@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Head of DT and Art - Richard Corser (rcorser@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Performing Arts: Subject Lead Drama - Neil Gregory-Reader (ngregory-reader@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Performing Arts: Subject Lead Music - Hayley Davis (hdavis@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Performing Arts: Subject Lead Dance - Hannah Tulley (htulley@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Subject Lead Computer Science - Kevin Kelly (kkelly@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Subject Lead Business Studies - Matt Ray (mray@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Subject Lead Media Studies - Holly Sabin (hsabin@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Pastoral Team

* Primary Pastoral officer - Dani Harris

* Head of Year 7 - Rochelle Oxley
* Year 7 Pastoral Officer - Abby Hermans

* Head of Year 8 - Ben Carter
* Heads of Year 9 - Nick Elliman
* Years 8 & 9 Pastoral Officer - Alison Turnbull

* Head of Year 10 - Sophie Potts
* Head of Year 11 - Hannah Tulley
* Years 10 and 11 Pastoral Officer - Bethan Godfrey

* Attendance Officer - Robyn Garner (absence@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Behaviour Manager - Karen Scriven
* Inclusion Officer - Vicki Clark

House Champions

* Aquila - Karen Scriven
* Noctua - George Dean
* Head House Champion and Pegasus - Tanya Pye
* Phoenix - Richard Cook

Special Educational Needs

* Senior Assistant Principal:  All Through Inclusion (and Whole School Designated Lead for Looked After Children) - Cathryn Halton
* Primary SENDco - Jess Powell
* Secondary SENDco - Phil Fowler
Access Arrangements - Marian Baker
* LSA Manager - Paula Standerwick
* SEN Admin - Lauren Hearn

Primary Class Teachers

* Reception A - Apple Class - Claire Emmett (cemmett@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Reception B - Cherry Class - Julie Clarke (jclarke@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 1A - Beech Class - Richard Cook (rcook@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 1B - Oak Class - Zoe Marshall - (zmarshall@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 2A - Cedar Class - Libby Isaac (eisaac@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk) and Claire Waring (cwaring@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 2BChestnut Class - Vikki Stevens (vstevens@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 3A - Willow Class - Jeremy Bullen (jbullen@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 3B - Elm Class - Rebecca Upton (rupton@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 4A - Rowan Class - Joe Wilson (jwilson@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 4B - Sycamore Class - Kate Lewis (klewis@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 5A - Birch Class - Kate Wade (kwade@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 5B - Ash Class -  Daniel White (dwhite@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

* Year 6A - Hazel Class - Chelsea Keen (ckeen@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Year 6B - Maple Class - Parysah Yazdanpanah (pyazdanpanah@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Secondary Tutors

Year 7
* Aquila - Jack Cotten (jcotten@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Noctua - Steve Day (sday@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Pegasus - Tanya Pye (tpye@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Phoenix - Abby Hermans (ahermans@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Year 8
* Aquila - Viv Mace (vmace@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Noctua - George Dean (gdean@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Pegasus - Andy Lean (alean@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Phoenix - Katia Muriel (kmuriel@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Year 9
* Aquila - Sarah Agate (sagate@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk) and Steve Baumann (sbaumann@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Noctua - Richard Corser (rcorser@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Pegasus - Sue Buckland (sbuckland@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Phoenix - Kevin Kelly (kkelly@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Year 10
* Aquila - Neil Gregory-Reader (ngregory-reader@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Noctua - Jenny Russell (jrussell@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Pegasus - Charles Kulczyk (ckulczyk@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Phoenix - Andrew Wallis (awallis@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Year 11
* Aquila - Matt Ray (mray@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk) and Ileana Melendez Ruiz (imelendezruiz@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Noctua - Gemma Clark (gclark@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Pegasus - Rachel Crebbin (rcrebbin@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
* Phoenix - Sophy Young (syoung@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Year 13
* All - Rob Angell (rangell@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk) and Karen Fry (kfry@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)

Secondary Teachers

Year 7 Maths and English
Lizzy Brett
Danny Green
Jo Southern

Arthur Blandford Davies
Ben Carter
Matt Crompton
Kevin Kelly (and Computing)
Viv Mace (and Humanities)
Steve Paul
Ben Phillips
Martyn Tilling (and Business Studies/Computing)

Clare Edmans 
Lynda Elmes
Clare Gale
Jenny Russell
Holly Sabin (and Media and Film)
Sophy Young

Rob Angell
Jess Bentley
Gemma Clark
Nick Elliman
Viv Mace (and Maths)
Brian Sykes
Andrew Wallis

Steve Baumann
Sue Buckland
Sam Comins
Karen Fry
Claire Greenhouse
Charles Kulcyzk
Katia Muriel
John Bennoch - Science Technician
Matt Matthewson - Science Technician

DT, Food and Art
Richard Corser
Jo Hicks
Andy Lean
Tanya Pye
Jenny Uffindell - DT, Food and Art  (Lead Technician)
Diane Dunning - DT, Food and Art (Technician)

Rachel Crebbin
Sarah Agate
Ileana Melendez Ruiz

Jack Cotten

Hannah Tulley (and PE)

Neil Gregory-Reader

Steve Day
George Dean
Phil Fowler
Rochelle Oxley
Sophie Potts
Hannah Tulley (and Dance)

Matt Ray
Martyn Tilling (and Computing/Maths)

Computer Science
Kevin Kelly (and Maths)
Martyn Tilling (and Business Studies/maths)

Learning Support Assistants/HLTAs/Support

Sara Andrews
Laura Ashcroft
Amanda Bashford
Katrina Cunningham (HLTA)
Jacqui Curtis - ELSA
Antoinette Curry
Deonie De Witt
Tonia Edwards
Christine Evans
Martin Fiddy
Karen Gauson - HLTA
Nikki Goldsmith-Allison
Alain Groselle
Gemma Hepburn
Angy Kale
Bernadine Kensit
Laura Levitt
Susannah Lowe
Kari McCarthy
Hannah Prior
Melanie Ruggieri
Rebecca Skinner - HLTA
Emma Spencer
Nicola Stubbington
Hannah Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Liz Upton
Victoria Wade - Meal Supervisor
Charlotte Whitaker
Ross Williams

Admin and Site Team

Lauren Wilson - PA to Principal and Compliance (PAPrincipal@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Anita Lee-Hobson - Receptionist (office@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Emma Thomas - Receptionist (office@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Karie Wright - Admissions and Marketing Officer (karie@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Gayle Austin-Hogg - Finance Officer and HR (finance@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Catrionia McDermott - Finance Assistant (finance@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Natalie Lloyd - Medical Officer (nlloyd@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Jackie Allen - Cover Manager and Reprographics
Georgia Beadle - Cover Supervisor
Sam Cocozza - Cover Supervisor
Peter Harwood - Cover Supervisor
Sue Moon - Extra Curricular, Lettings Officer and HR Support (smoon@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Roy Munro - Minibus Driver and Crossing Patrolman
Robin Turner - Network Manager
Farzeen Ansari - Primary Support
David Collins - SIMS Data Officer
Pete Hole - Site Manager (pahole@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk)
Mark Butcher - Site Team
Tony Del Greco - Site Team
Steve Hanna - Site Team

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