Your child has the option of purchasing meals from our new catering providers, Innovate, on site in one of our dining halls. 

They have a huge variety of really exciting dishes to try! We’re talking about global street food, their famous curry Thursdays, modern vegetarian and vegan, and traditional fish and chips. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to great food in great environments, Innovate are committed to becoming an ‘Impact Organisation’ and doing whatever they can to create a better world. They operate a sustainable and responsible business model, minimising packaging (especially plastics), food waste and energy consumption, whilst maximising recycling and composting.  

If you have any queries at all, please email us on

Primary Children

Primary children will only access the dining hall during lunch time, where there will be a choice of three meal items. The three-week menu cycle for Primary is below.  You will also see below instructions on how to set up your child's on line account. If you have any queries relating to Primary lunches, please email (email address will be live mid August).

Secondary Students

Secondary students will have access to the dining hall at break and at lunch time and will have the flexibility to purchase a variety of items including hot and cold meal deals as well as snack items and breakfast. As a great addition, we will also be offering breakfast from 7.45am. The three-week menu cycle for Secondary and details of their amazing £2.34 Blue Dot Deal can be found below:

Current Free School Meals (FSM) Children

For Primary pupils entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), parents need to chose their meal via the ordering system and it will show as a zero charge on their account. 

All Secondary pupils who are a FSM are able to choose any two items at lunchtime for their allowance. Just not two cakes!! 

This means that Secondary pupils with a FSM allowance do not need to worry about choosing items priced within the free school meal allowance. If pupils choose three items or more, the most expensive and cheapest items will form part of the FSM meal deal and the other items will be chargeable.

Please note that with this change, FSM allowance can only be claimed at lunchtime, in line with government guidance. If pupils would like to use the restaurant at morning break, this will sit outside of the FSM allowance.

To check if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, click on the link here.

Packed lunches

If your child would prefer to bring a packed lunch into school then a lunchbox should ideally contain one of each of the following:

  • Bread/Cereal - such as wraps; sandwiches; cold pasta; breadsticks and rice cakes.
  • Meat/Fish and Alternatives - such as ham; tuna; eggs or houmous.
  • Milk/Dairy - such as cheese spread/slices/cubes, hard boiled eggs, low sugar yoghurt.
  • Fruit and Vegetables – such as fresh or dried fruits, vegetable sticks, salad in wraps.
  • A treat if you wish - such as a small slice of cake or a biscuit.
  • Drink – water or squash
  • No nuts or fizzy/energy drinks

Please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office if you have any queries or need any other assistance setting up your ParentPay account.

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