Further to Mr Elliman's email, please find below a range of resources to support our Year 9 cohort in making their Year 9 GCSE Guided Choices.

  • A video from Mr Elliman talking through the process here 
  • The full Guided Choices Booklet, accessible either as a PDF here or as a Flipbook via this link here.
  • Instructions for completing the Sims online form, accessible as a PDF can be found here.

GCSE Business Studies option video here, by Mr Ray.
GCSE Media Studies option video here, by Ms Sabin.

Key Dates to Remember

28th January 2021 - PPC and Guided Choices Evening

29th January 20221 – Guided Choices form goes live online

Week beginning 1st February 2021 - Q and A sessions with Mr Elliman

11th February 2021 - Final deadline for completion of choices online

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