Term Dates

Justice Term 2020
INSET DAY: 6th January 2020
STARTS: 7th January 2020
INSET DAY: 24th February 2020
ENDS: 3rd April 2020
Courage Term 2020
STARTS: 20th April 2020
ENDS: 10th July 2020
Temperance Term 2020
INSET DAY: 3rd September 2020
INSET DAY: 4th September 2020
INSET DAY: 7th September 2020
STARTS: 8th September 2020
INSET DAY: 2nd November 2020
ENDS: 11th December 2020
Justice Term 2021
INSET DAY: 4th January 2021
STARTS: 5th January 2021
INSET DAY: 22nd February 2021
ENDS: 1st April 2021
Courage Term 2021
INSET DAY: 19th April 2021
STARTS: 20th April 2021
ENDS: 16th July 2021
On Wednesday pupils from @TRS_PE, @SPHPE, @fccpedept,@SelseyPE, @Chi_Free_School, @bishopluffa and BCC took part in... https://t.co/RdTqI79m4D
We've all had a brilliant first day skiing; the weather has been cold but sunny! It snowed lots last night so we ha... https://t.co/PpjSuJi9Qq
Thank you so much - it's been brilliant! 💃 https://t.co/nNOtxlE5Ld
Having arrived safely in resort yesterday and after enjoying a good dinner, our ski trip students took part in some... https://t.co/Hh8yb8z9nA
It was an early start for our students and teachers today as they headed off on their ski trip to Gstaad in Switzer... https://t.co/dJD7CGq4qo
"Chichester Free School: Making the most of an all-through school." This article by @theNSN explains how CFS leader... https://t.co/DEbcYPTj25
Join us on Saturday 29 February for one of our fantastic free Mystery Warrior family days. Become an archaeologist... https://t.co/W6sPQiaojN
Thanks for exploring space with us! 🪐✨ https://t.co/ILhiireD9j