At CFS, teaching and learning across the Primary phase takes place within a topic based curriculum approach with a focus on mastery of fundamental skills in the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy within a broad and balanced curriculum. This means that wherever possible we group our subjects around a topic, theme or high quality text.  During the course of the school year each year group will cover between 4 and 8 topics (learning experiences) that will have a variety of focus, including science, history or geography. Subject specialists from the Secondary phase also teach Primary age children in areas of the curriculum that we feel this is of benefit, this includes sports and music.

Learning Experiences

Learning experiences are enriched with a range of trips and visits that bring the curriculum alive and provide children with real life experiences. This approach also develops their understanding of the community around them and our local area - Chichester, the South Coast, Great Britain and its place in the wider world. In the summer term Year 6 attend a week long residential trip to an outdoor education centre. This provides them with a range of experiences to challenge them in different ways and build confidence and self-esteem as they prepare for transition to our Secondary phase.

Immersing children in learning experiences like ‘Raiders or traders, ‘Location, location, location’, ‘Gruesome Gladiators’ and many more not only provides exciting learning opportunities, but also allows them to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning.  Throughout a topic, children work towards an exciting end point in which they can share their learning with parents and friends of the School. 


At CFS, phonics is taught discreetly from Reception to Year 3 using ‘Letters and Sounds’. Children from Year 1 to 3 are taught in class groups with additional support provided to children who are not working at age related expectations.  This ensures that all children have a strong knowledge and understanding of phonics as a reading and writing strategy throughout the school.


Reading is taught through discreet guided reading sessions across Key Stage 1 and whole class reading sessions across Key Stage 2. We have a well stocked library which all pupils access when ready. Our early and developing readers work through the ‘Rising Stars’ reading scheme, which is supplemented with library books, before moving on to access ‘Accelerated Reader’ a programme which guides them through the books in our library, link here.

All teachers plan English units of work around high quality text that link to their current topic. These are often drawn from ‘The Power of Reading’, an approach based on research from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. This ensures that pupils are exposed to age appropriate, yet challenging text as a stimulus for the teaching and learning of reading, writing, punctuation and grammar.


At CFS we follow mastery approach to mathematics using resources from Maths No Problem and White Rose Maths website. White Rose Maths is an organisation that aims to work collaboratively with teachers across the country to improve mathematics teaching. Inspired and informed by robust, world-class research and global maths experts, the scheme aims to transform maths education and change the experience of maths forever. The White Rose approach aims to help all pupils to master mathematics.

Forest School

Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils all attend our ‘on site’ Forest School provision for one session per week.

The Forest School model originates in Scandinavia and involves journeying to a local woodland environment to learn in the outdoors on a regular sustained basis. It is a long-term child-led, educational process which promotes, observes and explicitly supports the social, emotional and physical development of pupils, young people and adults in an outdoor woodland environment.

Our pupils are accompanied by their class teacher and one other adult, working alongside trained Forest School practioners within our on site provision. Our teachers plan closely with Forest School leaders and bring their planning ideas to the session, in order to maximise the time spent in outdoor learning lessons.


In line with our intention to build each pupil’s self confidence and self-esteem throughout their life at our school, we provide a wide range of sporting activities which cater for differing interests and abilities which in turn promotes healthy competition.

Through a broad and varied curriculum we teach all the components of physical education: games, athletics, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities, allowing every child the opportunity to realise his or her potential.

Specialist staff, with qualified teacher status, along with experienced and accredited coaches nurture pupils’ development, providing a differentiated experience to meet the needs of all. Through a process of enjoyment and success, increased pupil confidence and self-esteem will carry benefits beyond the PE lesson and school itself.

The inter house system develops awareness and understanding of fairness, sportsmanship, personal and social responsibility. CFS will foster enhanced opportunities for sporting prowess with interschool competition in the wider community.

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