Intent 4

Curriculum Intent

We aim to nurture, challenge and inspire in everything we do at CFS, in and outside the classroom. Our practice is rooted in engaging and inspiring lessons, where academic rigour is achieved by building on pupils’ prior learning. We encourage our pupils to show resilience in lessons, challenge them to achieve the best that they can and inspire them through creative approaches which fire a desire to learn. Our intention is to ensure pupils make outstanding progress and that our inclusive and adaptive curriculum removes any potential barriers to learning and prepares our young people for the outside world.

Our subject curriculum intent (road maps and subject intent statement) will be published shortly.


Individual talent and skills are nurtured; pupils are given varied opportunities and are actively encouraged to pursue their dreams and ambitions. We nurture our pupils through the development of positive relationships with staff and each other. Our committed team are concerned about the emotional development of the children and adults in our school on a day-to-day basis and recognise the importance of safety, security and confidence in every member of the school community.


Our pupils are stimulated and challenged, both in and out of the classroom, developing a lifelong passion for learning. Our pupils are challenged to be the best they can be throughout the course of every day, providing opportunities both to engage in independent learning and to work with others. They develop curiosity, ambition and resilience and are not afraid to be intrepid. Children do best in classrooms where the work is intellectually challenging, where curiosity and wonder is promoted and celebrated; we aim to create classrooms where the pupils’ exercise both cognitive and metacognitive skills.


We create opportunities to ensure our pupils flourish as lifelong learners. At CFS, we create an atmosphere of excitement, vibrancy and purpose, which inspires and fosters a love of learning and intellectual curiosity and promotes dignity, integrity, self-discipline and self-esteem. We will create confident, happy, creative and articulate young people, who will emerge with a clear vision for their future

Curriculum Implementation

We aim to achieve these aims for all pupils through a knowledge-rich curriculum that is cohesive, cumulative and highly sequenced. Our curriculum is ambitious, promotes accelerated academic progress, and is fully inclusive. It instils in our learners the four cardinal virtues of temperance, justice, courage and wisdom.

At CFS, we promote:

-   exceptional teaching and learning, where pupils are given the ability to strive for their personal best
-   a safe environment for pupils to develop wisdom, demonstrate persistence and integrity, and celebrate their own achievements

-   personalised learning choices in subjects, pathways and enrichment activities
-   experiences where creativity and flexibility are valued, the courage to try new things is fostered, and pupils are encouraged to pursue personal ambitions

Experiences through Cultural Capital:
-   a varied, ambitious and inclusive educational experience
-   work with the rich heritage of the local community, whilst also exposing our pupils to diversity in the wider world both nationally and internationally in order to prepare our learners as truly global and just citizens.
-   a celebration of the arts, literature, culture, historical life and sports through our extensive enrichment programme, co-curricular offer, variety of trips, pupil leadership opportunities and through the competitive House system

-   a supportive, safe and vibrant community which demonstrates respectful relationships, both for each other and the School environment
-   a community where people work together, developing both temperance and tolerance

Subject Leaders, who are experts in their field, carefully construct a curriculum that promotes a deep understanding of a wide range of topics.  Teachers plan learning that allows pupils to embed and recall knowledge through techniques such as interleaving of topics and spaced practice. As an all through school we are in a privileged position; curriculum construction covers a 12 year journey providing seamless progression, development and mastery throughout and between both the Primary and Secondary phases.

Our curriculum implementation will be published shortly.

Curriculum Impact

At CFS our pupils will:

  • achieve ambitious academic success through accelerated progress
  • be prepared for the next step of learning and life development
  • feel safe and supported in the pursuits of their ambitions
  • develop resilience, creativity, and the ability and desire to be enquiring learners
  • acquire appreciation, knowledge and respect for their own and other cultures
  • be appreciative of and experience all subject areas, including STEM and the creative arts
  • have their own talents nurtured
  • be confident within themselves, have a strong sense of self-worth and responsibility
  • develop the qualities of:

- temperance, through self-control and independence
- justice, through fairness and morals
- courage, through confidence and intrepidity
- wisdom, through knowledge and understanding

Our curriculum impact statements will be published shortly.

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