Louise New

To contact Mrs New please email PAPrincipal@chichesterfreeschool.org.uk.  However, in the first instance please contact your child's class teacher or tutor.

Focus Areas:

* Quality of Education throughout the All Through School
* Leadership of the Secondary Phase and Sixth Form
* Quality Assurance
* Staff Performance Management
* School Improvement Plan
* External Accountability Attainment and Progress Results
* Governance
* Pupil Leadership
* Praise and Rewards
* School Council and Pupil Voice
* Staff Wellbeing
* School Compliance
* Membership of the Headship Team
* Line Management of Headship Team and Senior Leadership Team
* Line Management of Sims Manager, Admissions and Marketing

Year 10 Art students are continuing to look at the human body for inspiration, and are currently studying the Briti... https://t.co/fVliyDOFzP
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Filter bubbles? Echo chambers? .. they can help fake news to spread really quickly 😒 https://t.co/q3BcDuzBiZ
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@romanpalace *Sniggering at the back!*
Year 9 have been enjoying GCSE taster lessons, and in Food Tech were tasked to create their own version of Pasta Fi... https://t.co/ZBD74KD25E