Fire Fire Fire!!!!!!!

Year 2 were lucky enough to be visited by the fire crew from Chichester fire station today.

The crew taught the children about fire safety in the home before giving them a tour of the fire engine. The children were very excited to try on the firefighter uniform, including the helmet, even though it was much heavier than expected!

During the tour of the truck, the children got to see the various equipment such as the massive ladders, powerful hoses and metal clippers. Then, the children were allowed to climb up the tall steps to sit inside the truck to experience what it's like to be a firefighter.

Everyone's favourite part of the morning was having a go at holding the hose and spraying the water across the playground. Thank you very much to West Sussex Fire and Rescue who gave up their time to come in and visit us.  We had a fantastic morning and there are lots of children who now want to pursue a future career as a firefighter. 

Year 2 Fire Brigade
Year 2 Fire Brigade 1
Year 2 Fire Brigade 3
Year 2 Fire Brigade 2
Year 2 Fire Brigade 4
Huge congratulations @Noviun and to our client @Chi_Free_School. This recognition is so very well deserved.
@BuzzwordCreativ @Noviun Thank you guys @BuzzwordCreativ. We're all super proud!
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